E-Team Austin Buy

If You’re Buying…


Know that I listen carefully to your lifestyle goals and needs. I help you prioritize your objectives with a well-defined search process so we can discover the neighborhood and property that is just right for you. I guide buyers through the financing process and help you understand your loan options.  I also thoroughly examine a home’s maintenance issues, future ownership costs, neighborhood market conditions, and future value as an investment.

I’ve learned how to uncover information that can save my buyers thousands of dollars. Has the seller done a pre-inspection on the home? What did he buy it for in the past? How much is the house down the street? We can use all of those details as negotiation points to ensure you are getting the absolute best value.

My knowledge of the local real estate investment market is both broad and deep. One of my unique skills is my ability to understand the ebbs and flows of Austin’s ever-changing real estate market. Nothing gives me more joy than exceeding my clients’ expectations. In fact, you could say that I have a real passion for it!