Marketing Plan

E-Team Austin Marketing Plan 

We Are True Property Marketing Experts

and We’re NOT KIDDING!

The only company with a proven system to sell your home for more money!


  • Analyze the big picture in the market with your goals, timeline and resources in mind.
  • Review your home in depth to eliminate deal killers and identify strategic improvement opportunities to net you more money.
  • Identify the buyers who are motivated to pay top dollar for your home, prepare a comprehensive line-by-line property marketing business plan to reach those qualified buyers and price strategically to minimize negotiations.
  • Differentiate your home to appeal on all levels to the targeted buyer, from first impression to last glimpse.
  • Maximize your ROI with improvements performed by our own remodeling company.
  • Recommend staging your home. Many homeowners don’t know about staging or how valuable it is when selling a house. We’ll help you get your home in tip-top shape for showings.
  • Professionally photograph your home. Unfortunately, many property photos are disgraceful. In fact, a website exists to showcase bad real estate photography. You won’t see any of our photographs there! We take pride in our photos and know how important they are to selling a home.
  • Host open houses which are advertised and marketed.
  • Create virtual tours for our homes which increase open house attendance by 25%.
  • Craft appealing print newspaper advertising and property brochures to effectively reach target buyers.
  • Market your home with professionally written copy and photography on hundreds of websites, MLS, social media, virtual tours, email and to our personal database of over 11,500 agents and past and current clients to reach every potential buyer for your property.
  • Maximize the use of technology (like DriveBuy Technology, a platform which texts instant real estate information on your home to a prospect’s telephone 24 hours a day) to leverage our ability to market and sell your home. And we stay abreast of new technologies!


Using our proven methods, we can sell your home for more money in less time!