Questions to Ask Potential Listing Agents

  1. What is the difference between marketing a home and advertising a home? What is your plan to market this specific home?
  2. Please explain to me the key elements of your strategy that impacts the sales price and the time it takes to sell my home.
  3. Can you tell me what internet buyers overwhelmingly say is the main reason they choose an agent when buying a home discovered online? How does your business manage this fact?
  4. What is your detailed marketing budget for my home? How much money do you plan to risk on my behalf to market my home and earn your commission?
  5. Can you describe your strategy to target and attract qualified buyers who want to pay top dollar for my home? How will you eliminate unqualified buyers?
  6. What is your negotiation strategy to maximize my selling price? How do you negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness?